Using Kegel Balls 5 Tips For Sexier Foreplay

Sex toys have come a long way in terms of tech. They come in all sizes, shapes, and functions. Some vibrate, rotate, put a bounce in your step with rabbit ear design or resemble surreal works of alien art. There are a million and one ways to bring these fancy gadgets into your sex life, partnered or solo. But as many technological leaps forward as there have been, that doesn’t mean old school pleasure is now passé

Kegel balls are a delightfully simple source of sexual pleasure. You may have first heard of them in a dog-eared copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, but they go way back. Kegel balls are small spheres worn inside your vagina. They usually come in a set of two or three and have smaller weights inside each ball that bounce and swirl when you move, causing small vibrations that stimulate and arouse your vaginal walls. 

Maybe your mind is already racing with ideas about how to incorporate Ben Wa balls into your sex life, but sometimes we can use a little extra inspiration. Read on for ideas on using Ben Wa balls as part of foreplay and beyond!

1. Keep Kege Balls As Your Little Secret

A little anticipation can really heighten the intensity and sensations of sex. Start wearing the balls in a few hours before you’re due to see your partner. Each time you move, the slight vibration of the internal weights as they swirl around the outer Ben Wa ball will remind you of the fun to come. The fantasies you’ll have throughout the day could serve as great inspiration and by the time you arrive home, you’ll be ready to pounce.

2. …Or Share The Secret

When you’re the one wearing the balls, it doesn’t mean that your partner can’t also share the anticipation.* Insert the Ben Wa balls into your vagina while they’re in the room (or let your partner be the one to slide them in) and go about your day together. You’ll get to enjoy the sensations of the balls and they’ll get to fantasize about later. It will also build a sense of closeness and intimacy, as you’ll be the only two people who know what’s really going on.

*Though we also like to imagine an extra fun coincidence when two partners might surprise each other by wearing Ben Wa balls before meeting up…

3. Stay In Touch

If you’re spending time away from each other while you’re wearing Ben Wa balls, let your partner know exactly what’s going through your mind with each new sensation.  A quick phone call or a sext will keep you both thinking – and the more detailed you are the better. It’ll be even more exciting for them to know that you’re thinking about them and you can both start planning what you’re going to do to each other when you get into bed.

4. Use Them With A Massager

If the subtle vibrations of the inner balls aren’t enough or you want to increase the intensity, combine them with your favorite massager. Amplify the sensations of the balls with stronger external vibrations from a clitoral massager or well-placed internal stimulation from a curved massager can bring your orgasms to even greater heights.

5. Play The Long Game

Investing in a good set of Kegel balls can definitely bring a lot of new sensations to the bedroom (and beyond), but what’s more valuable is the long-term impact of a regular Kegel routine. The huge range of benefits aside, a great sex life starts with a healthy pelvic floor. 

The contractions that cause so much pleasure during orgasm are actually the tightening and relaxing of your pelvic floor muscles. So a stronger pelvic floor means reaching orgasm is easier and orgasms are more intense when they come. A five-minute routine of contract and release exercises each day can be a sexy addition to foreplay and a way to make sex even better in the future. You can use Ben Wa balls for immediate pleasure, as explained above, but you can also use these little weighted balls to strengthen your pelvic floor by doing these easy exercises.

Ready To Have A Ball?

This is just the start of your adventures with your Ben Wa balls and you’ll start to find your own inspirations for using them. Even if you’re not ready to start sharing pleasure with a partner, you can find plenty of ways to explore on your own– just be open to new experiences and enjoy! 

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